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Well, if you ever get there, buy one and where it is somewhere, there is always a festival or market to use one. The internet is FULL of options (including some incomplete… So again, you Moser Trachtenwelt get what you pay for.) Ok, that said, here are the pros and cons of buying for your trip versus during your trip. Get my complete, printable Oktoberfest packaging checklist for FREE!

In recent years, about six million people from all over the world visit Munich every year for Oktoberfest. Not only is it one of Germany’s biggest attractions, but it’s also an important part of Bavaria’s local culture and traditions. During the end of the 19th century, breweries began to participate in the parade with large floats with beer mugs and kegs.

In general, it doesn’t really matter which of the three length dress dirndl you go, as they are all common and acceptable, but most Bavarians go with one below the knees. The long dirndls can be a bit formal, a bit warm and the length can be limiting for dancing or stepping on benches in tents. That’s why we recommend the average height option to most people, and you can choose to go longer or shorter depending on your style. For example, store-bought clothes are often too long for you if you are short. Online stores offer custom clothing options that are perfect for you.

Explore Munich’s stylish designer shops alongside caf├ęs, bars and restaurants in an extraordinary commercial atmosphere. Hanging Gardens and Noble Architecture Explore Munich’s elegant designer shops alongside cafes, bars and restaurants in an extraordinary shopping atmosphere. Stylish flagship stores and premium brands The density of international luxury brands combined with established traditional brands is almost unique worldwide. Anything you can buy in the store is not used by a traditional costume club. Herbert Lipah from Lederhosenwahnsinn is a real rider from Munich who has been trading in old leather pants for almost 40 years.

You can rent lederhosen or dirndl for a fraction of the price of buying it. Ernst Licht also has a store in Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Here you will find everything we have online and then some! You will also find some special sale items that are not listed online.