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Alexandria is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is Egypt’s second largest city and a popular tourist destination. You can visit Alexandria on a day trip from Cairo or spend a night or two in the city. Beautiful two-day private tour Exceptional two-day excursion with Egyptologist Ragab. He was extremely knowledgeable, but well balanced with not overwhelming. The tour was well organized, informative, current and generally a great atmosphere.

Luxor is the second most visited destination because of its well-preserved attractions and relaxing views of the Nile River. The temple of Deir el Bahri is a complex of tombs and temples built by Queen Hatshepsut. It is located directly at the foot of a cliff and the interior contains interesting inscriptions and images.

If you want to minimize costs, planning an excursion to Luxor in June and September will be some fantastic deals, but the sightseeing tour during the day will certainly be difficult in these months. One can visit the coastal towns of the country during summers Nile Cruise from Hurghada that offer a breather. If you plan to visit Luxor between May and October, avoid the midday heat by being the first to explore popular places in the morning. Unlock the mystery of Tutankhamun, the world’s most famous boy king, on this adventurous day tour.

Months in the middle of the year represent the hottest season in Luxor and show the least rainfall. The temperature between May and September generally rises to 100 and this is certainly not suitable for tourists to go outside to explore Luxor’s famous attractions. And despite the warm weather, you can still enjoy the cheapest hotel and air fares with minimal crowds in that season. So if you can resist the warm weather by bringing the necessary items like your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, light clothes, good footwear and lots of water, you can enjoy a truly wonderful tour in the city of Luxor.

For additional days in Luxor, you can view our list of additional sites to see in the West Bank or choose a day trip. Museums are located on the east bank of the Nile and are a great idea to add a day of open-air sightseeing or hot summer days when they stay open until late at night. The best time to enjoy a Luxor tour is between March and April and between October and December.

Explore the temples and graves of the Valley of the Nobles on a half-day private tour. Walk along the ram-headed avenue of sphinxes and visit some of the many temples and chapels. The great hypostyle room with 134 huge columns is incredible.