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The basic design of the tool is inherently more fragile, so do not force the pin up if it is difficult to move. It might be helpful to think of the KW1 2-in-1 Pick as a tool that uses skill rather than brute force when used. The following is a step-by-step guide to using the Original Lishi KW1 2-in-1 dial. Follow the steps described here carefully to ensure that your tool provides you with reliable service. These programs will help you avoid damaging the pick’s unique design or damaging it altogether. In the United States, laws concerning possession of lock picks vary from state to state.

When using the KW1 pick to pick spool pinned locks, the tension must be varied as needed to gently “persuade” the lock pins to move up into the bible rather than forcing them. Often times you may have to loosen tension Schlüsseldienst Dresden to get a particularly stubborn spool pin to pick which might cause you to have to repick some of the pins. Again, as was stressed above, the lifter arm tip is quite delicate and not intended to be used with force.

If you want a chat about some tools or ideas, or are thinking about making an order and aren’t sure, drop us a line at and I’ll happily help. The tip of this tool was designed and engineered to pick and decode of the narrow keyway. The supplier may refuse the warranty claims if it is determined the breakage was caused by misuse or abuse. Hi, would it be possible to forward me a copy of the lishi 2 in 1 user guide as well? At the rate im going, its proving very costly for me every time i need to replace a pick that breaks. So if you could help me out, i would be extremely greatfull.

These tools enable someone not familiar with how to pick a standard pin & tumbler lock to quickly and efficiently open one like it’s magic! The Lishi Tools aren’t just for beginners though, each combines a keyway-specific molded pick channel, along with a single hook-pick lever, tension bar and even a decoding interface. While these pick lishi are very tough in quality, precision is also a contributing factor to the immense popularity of these products. The varied collections of these products on the site are ideal for all kinds of professional as well as training uses and come with certifications such as ISO. These pick lishi are ideal for doors, windows, cars, and various other locks due to the multipurpose functionality.

KW1 is primarily designed for five pin locks with KW1 keyway, which uses cylindrical pins. You need to be very careful when using KW1 on a SmartKey lock, and this is not what the tool was designed for. Please remember that failure to follow correct procedures or improper use of force will void the KW1 warranty. In New Zealand, lock picking tools are not illegal, but possession with the intent to use them for burglary carries a potential penalty of three years in prison. There is no law or regulation on lock picking, so it is legal as long as one has permission from the owner of the lock to pick the lock in question. There are several clubs where lock picking is practiced as a sport.