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They are easy to make and perfect for a drunk dessert. We have more great ideas for summer desserts here. This rum punch is full of tropical coconut, pineapple and lime flavors.

Another option is to explore the famous collin drink family, which can be made with gin, whiskey, vodka or just about any ghost. Daisy is an incredibly simple drink of tequila, triple sec and lime vodka gifts uk juice. While it’s best with premium spirits, there are good economic options that are an excellent drink, especially if you use fresh lime. There is also no way to get bored with a daisy!

Then you will enjoy this mango cocktail made from fresh mango puree! Mixed with fresh lime juice and orange liqueur, it can be said to be a fruity cocktail drink suitable for all occasions. Here’s a drink that throws away your worries with just a few sips!

Here’s another drink you can prepare in less than 10 minutes. In our opinion, it is also the right drink to prepare for unexpected guests. Yes, despite the amount of ingredients like gin, fresh lime juice, mint leaves and more, it is incredibly quick and easy to make.

I’m not sure which fruity cocktail to try? Check out these drink recipes and enjoy the sweet and spicy cocktails where you won’t even taste alcohol. A small umbrella does not have to decorate, but it is highly recommended. Mix the watermelon with gin, lemon juice and agave nectar in a shaker.

This five-minute cocktail is sure to be a success at any party. Decorate with a lemon zest strip for fruity bloom. Check out this quick and easy summer cocktail recipe with mezcal files, spicy and sweet yet slightly bitter grapefruit juice. A pigeon is usually made with tequila, but the use of mezcal adds a delicious smoked advantage to the drink.

We recommend playing oranges in advance so you only have to mix this cocktail after a busy day. You will love the simplicity of a mojito cocktail. Combine lime juice, mint, soft drinks and white rum and you will get a strong, fresh drink. Mojito is a perfect bar drink, especially when shared with someone special. Cuba LibrePainkiller Here is a drink that will make you feel much better about what depresses you.