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The town of Bensenville (pop. 18,352) recruits for two full-time wastewater managers. These functions are responsible for a variety of tasks in the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant and lifting stations and other related tasks as assigned. Have two years of full-time equivalent work experience at a large wastewater treatment plant (more than 1.0 MGD flow) or a combination of wastewater treatment education, water quality, chemistry, biology or environmental technology and previous work experience, which is a total of four years . Have a “D” MPCA certificate for wastewater operators (a “C” class certificate is desirable).

These are available to selected industries that support the operation of water and wastewater treatment plants. An OnBoard agreement paves the way for efficient and performance-oriented collaboration between your team and SUEZ. Our experts will join your operating team through scheduled service visits or continuous optional presence on site. This ensures continuity in production by transferring knowledge from the SUEZ team to its operational staff and giving access to world leading experts in the field of water treatment.

Design domestic or industrial wastewater or industrial treatment plants, including advanced facilities with sequencing batch reactors, membranes, lifting stations, main works, overflow basins, ultraviolet disinfection systems, aerobic digesters, sludges, or control buildings. Compare tasks, training, job growth, and payment for water and wastewater treatment plants and system operators with comparable professions. If the selected candidate does not have this certification, it is required within the first 12 months of entering Wastewater Expert Witness Engineer service, in the absence of extenuating circumstances. After the mid-20th century, growing public concern about environmental quality led to broader and stricter regulation of wastewater disposal practices. For example, pretreatment of industrial wastewater, with the aim of preventing toxic chemicals from disrupting the biological processes used in wastewater treatment plants, often became a necessity. In fact, wastewater treatment technology has progressed so far that almost all pollutants can be removed from wastewater.

If you want to work for an award-winning and innovative water treatment plant with competitive wages and the potential for progress, this may be the right opportunity for you. The wastewater administrator is responsible for operating the wastewater treatment plant in accordance with the effluent restrictions established in the NPDES permit and the management of biosolids in accordance with the sludge application permit. Our in-depth team of recognized wastewater managers, maintenance staff and highly trained technical solution engineers creates tailor-made solutions to meet each customer’s unique wastewater situation. Our retreat facility resumes from primary treatment plants to advanced treatment plants and reuse systems, using membrane technologies. We manage more than 200 wastewater treatment plants that can handle more than 500 million gallons per day. In addition to the facilities, we manage more than 3,000 miles of collection systems, including combined sewers.

Present the complex requirements of this position in a list of no more than eight newsletter items. Start each line with a specific verb to emphasize the actions an employee who fulfills this role should take. Since job applicants read this list and the rest of the job description from the wastewater treatment plant, they should be able to decide if the job application is worth their time. The skill part of your wastewater treatment plant job description must contain some critical requirements for your ideal candidate. Most states have multiple permits for water and wastewater treatment plants and system operators.