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You can use access cards, biometric data, mobile applications and other login credentials to open or close doors. Vanderbilt offers high-quality hardware that meets industry standards for access control systems, with smart door readers and encrypted smart cards. Vanderbilt is our choice as the best system for companies with multiple locations. The system is specially designed for larger companies with multiple locations, with support for unlimited cardholders and centralized administration. A paid annual PLUS service is available from 500 smartphone credentials, including all updates, for an additional annual fee.

In some cases, a door that you may be controlling with a system must have the correct protocols if the power goes out or if there is a fire. There are also cases where certain door locks can only be installed in certain types of doors and locations in public places. For the time being, you’ve probably heard of access control and explored its benefits and applications in the modern office or facility.

Unlike wired systems, wireless systems do not require wiring between system components. Instead, these systems connect to a wireless router, allowing the different components to communicate with each other. This communication is managed through access control system software that allows property administrators to configure user door access rights. If the access control system is cloud-based, you can access it on any device with an internet connection, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Options include electronic, hosted, physical, managed and biometric access control systems. Many use key rings and cards, but others have pin code or fingerprint reader keyboards. Some systems even use residents’ smartphones as access references, so residents can access the property through a mobile app. These devices connect to an access control panel, which grants access authorizations based on comparing the references on the door to an authorized login data database.

You do not need to replace entrance tickets and smartphones are less likely to get lost, stay at home or pass the office. Some of these systems contain access control panels to restrict access to rooms and buildings, as well as alarms and locking options, to prevent unauthorized access or operations. Although physical access control limits access to a particular building or space, it is often not enough protection in today’s world. A closed door is a very good way to keep unwanted people out of a room, but how can you ensure that the right people have access to your data??

Once a user’s fingerprint is scanned on the back-end management system, it can be used in the same way as an access control card. Brivo’s main access offering focuses on its mobile platform and simplifies system setup and management. Employees can download the Brivo Onair Pass application, which allows them to press a button to unlock any door they can access.