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Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, but it is not a substitute for a professional family portrait that can proudly linger at their home. When you think of your own childhood home, you can probably visualize family portraits, even the clothes you wore and the expressions of your family. The truth is, these photos become an important point of reference for knowing your ties to the family and preserving memories that stand the test of time.

There are many wonderful reasons to invest in a professional photographer for your family and newborn photos, but there is an important reason you may not know. Research shows that when we show photos of our children and our family grandparent painting in our homes, it promotes our children’s self-esteem. An eclectic gallery wall offers sufficient flexibility for customization and customization. Collect a mix of frames, different shapes, sizes and levels of complexity.

Of course you can save a lot of happy snapshots in photo albums or on your computer / hard drive, but they are only accessible when prompted. And it’s not just our little ones who benefit from seeing photos on the walls. On difficult days, such as the day you received sad news about a friend or the day your little ones just don’t stop fighting (everything. go crazy. day.), seeing those pictures on your wall can also increase your mind. I’m not saying hanging family photos on your wall will solve all the problems in the world. But it can give you a boost, a short break, a moment of gratitude for the wonderful people in your life.

However, there are some photos that I like to look at for the reasons people have mentioned. I started placing some of my photos in my closet doors in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. I think I enjoy my photos even more because they don’t just visually mix with my environment. It’s like I unexpectedly show up at my door every time I open cupboards with secret photos. A friend of mine posted large prints of family photos on the lower cupboards of her kitchen when her children were young.

Our favorite way to give photos a unique twist is to explode them in black and white or sepia. These images show the family photos that Rebecca has exhibited in her own home. She thinks it is important to print at home and enjoy portraits. Here’s another fun and creative way to show off your favorite family photos. On the link just below the photo you will find a detailed tutorial on how to build this beautiful staircase and all the essentials you need. Feel free to change the color and theme of the screen.

Also use photos to label a child’s basket or a special place for their belongings. We were never taken by professional family photos, and I always feel the point of frame this photo I took with my phone?? They don’t have to be perfect or professionally made to look good.

If you can say something about posting family photos in your house, that’s it, it really shows the appreciation you have for everyone in your house. While teenagers and younger children can be a bit embarrassing when their friends come, it is extremely important that they understand how proud you are of them. If an image really says more than a thousand words, imagine the well-being of children when they see their own images throughout the house.

That way we can get a more healed look in the rest of our apartment. I have several photomaton strips with friends and family in our fridge, along with some Instagram photos that have turned into magnets and some Instax photos. In our bathroom, inside the medicine cabinet door, are the strips from the photo booth of me and my husband. I love that they are hidden as secret, but I can see them several times a day when I am looking for my everyday items like toothpaste and deodorant.