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Technology and human resources strengthen each other: “Technology and human resources are catalysts for business. Their unification would mean not only harmonious coexistence, but also the use of one for another. The use of technology for human resources would mean that everyday human resources would be digitized. ., recruitment, retraining, analysis and raising awareness of stakeholders. This allows them to play complementary roles. “

Technology and human resources are united by the fact that they do their best.

Recently, technology has become synonymous with information technology, as virtually no other technological development in the past would affect the entire business as information technology. Whatever type of business you work in, such as services or goods, goods or brand, trade or production, modern or traditional use of information technology in one form or another is inevitable. To effectively manage and deploy technology, all companies need intelligent workers. The human resources department is responsible for the management of these mental workers. That’s why technology and HR integration is absolutely necessary.

If we understand technology and HR in today’s environment, we need to understand integration in this context. Integration will not only mean harmonious coexistence, but also means that one strengthens and complements the other, meaning the technology is used to improve the efficiency of HR and HR functions, helping to accept and manage change as technology is introduced.

Use technology for HR

Human resources management as a function is responsible for results such as business strategy performance, administrative efficiency, employee input, and the ability to change. All this is achieved through what HR does: human resources, development, compensation, benefits, organizational design communications, high-performance teams, etc. technology is applied in most of these areas.

electronic set

Recruitment is an area where all companies worthy of their name use IT. There are two different models of online recruitment in fashion. One recruits employees through the company’s own websites, and another places your needs on other sites, such as monster .com,,, and, etc. Early models are more popular among large companies that have brand awareness for potential employees such as G.E., IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HCL, ICICI, Reliance, Mindtree Consulting, etc. Some take both.

Electronic recruitment has come a long way since its inception. Now these sites have become global. Sites such as and have created a global network that includes individual job sites in Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, etc. Applicants can look for work in the region or country, and employers are targeting potential employees in certain countries. . For example, 3 Com recently posted a company profile on an Irish site highlighting the contribution of the Irish 3 com development team to its global projects.

At first, electronic recruitment suffered from a flood of poor quality biological data. Once again, technology has become a savior. Pre-employment tests, such as those introduced by Capital One, a U.S. financial firm, help select candidates. These tools are tested online, such as call center candidates. Profile International, a Texas-based job evaluation company, has developed tools to instantly translate scores from one language to another. Other developments, such as specialized video conferencing sites, online recruitment and a combination of online and offline methods, are encouraging more and more companies to use electronic recruitment, at least as a secondary hiring method. American IT company Arena Knights Bridge conducts video interviews with potential employees, and only selected employees meet in person. Even Cisco would run the same thing.

Self-service for employees

Employee self-service may be one of the IT tools that has rid HR of routine tasks and helped improve employee satisfaction. Employee self-service is a lot of small things that employees used to do through hr’s administrative department. These are travel bookings, travel rules, travel notes, holiday rules, vacation management, park administration, etc. Each employee had to contact HR and do so. Now, with the introduction of ESS in most companies, an employee can request an online booking related to the trip and their TE accounts, request a day off, keep a record time and see what services have been provided, paid for, and are subject to payment, etc. ballarpur Industries Ltd. is fully digital in head office. He works to digitalize the tourism business, benefits and even manage compensation and productivity. ‘”Pay or outsource everything ordinary and routine, focus only on the heart and add value’ – Vinit Chabra V.P. – PDC BILT.


The most talked about management tool has always been a gray area in human resource management. In large companies with a wide geographical reach, communication with all employees was a huge problem for HR professionals. Technology came to save again. Starting with phones, faxes, e-mail and moving on to video conferencing, webcasts, webcasts, etc. Communication is an area of HR that has benefited greatly from technology. Companies like Oracle and IBM have an intranet that meets most of the information needs of its employees. Brick and Morter companies such as BILT have also tried to use the intranet for internal communication with the corporate bulletin board, media coverage, and knowledge angles.

Knowledge management

Employee development is another element of HR that uses technology.

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