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These stories can be simple or extensive, depending on what you think is most effective. Marketing is any act of advertising goods or services for retail, including marketing strategies, screen design, and discount offers. The Law of 29 is a strategic marketing concept that states that a potential customer must be exposed to a good or service 29 times before buying.

As a seller, you need to think about how to turn that one-time purchase into 10 or that monthly subscription into an annual subscription, whatever defines customer retention for your business. As a marketer, you need to make sure you have useful and relevant content that ranks content marketing services high for the specific keywords and phrases your potential customer might be looking for at this crucial stage. Imagine you were very busy in the run-up to Thanksgiving and you hadn’t found a minute to properly plan your Christmas dinner, so your neighbor shared his with you.

How well does the value proposition of your competitors’ products communicate through your channels? Is communication consistent and persuasive or fragmented and sales? Communication is an important part of the transformation process. Conducting a competitive analysis for your company is equivalent to a football team assessing the other side before a big game.

Without one, your efforts to attract customers are likely to be chaotic and inefficient. Focus on the needs and desires of customers so that the company can distinguish its product from competing offerings. The level of detail that the customer has is usually not sufficient.

You can even use different analysis tools to see how you and your competitors compare. Of course, you can see how many likes each post gets, but if you want to dive deeper into the comparison with your competitors, you can use tools like Rival IQ to see activity and engagement rates. Your marketing department should create the materials that describe and promote your core products and/or services. They need to be kept up to date as these products and services evolve.

The quality of your offer is very important, as is your communication and description of it. Deceiving consumers with false advertising of goods is not only disreputable, but also illegal. Think of your marketing strategy as a giant stew bubbling on a stove. For your stew to be the delicious meal your guests expect, you need more than one ingredient, right?

Consumers can also get to know a product by surfing the Internet. Ultimately, the goal of customer retention is to maximize each customer’s lifetime value and profitability. The biggest mistake you can make as a salesperson is believing that the point of sale is the end of your relationship with a customer. Play your cards well and you could maintain a sale in a lifetime, loyal and profitable brand-customer relationship.