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The disadvantage of triangular scarves is that they offer fewer coupling options. Place your scarf flat and roll or fold it in a long, narrow band. Wrap different ways to wear infinity scarf it around your hair so that the ends of the tail are above your forehead. Stop or pin the ends of the tail under the rest of the head circumference.

Pull the other hanging end of the scarf through the semicircle you just made and then adjust the hanging ends to balance them. By tying a scarf around your neck, your outfit can look polished and you can stay warm on a cold day. But just throwing it around the neck can be boring and visually not very attractive. A scarf is so versatile that there are almost endless ways to use it: why not choose a different pair for every day of the week??? We’ve put together 14 of the best hacks to knit scarves so you never run out of styles to choose from. I’ve been looking for something, learned something and lots of, many practices.

These are some of our favorite ways to tie a scarf. When it’s cold outside, scarves are a great way to keep warm. Choose a scarf made of material such as wool or fleece and wrap the scarf close to your head and neck to prevent wind and snow from entering. You can fold a long winter scarf in half and wrap around your neck. Insert the ends through the loop and pull the scarf to keep the style in place. You can also create an infinite-style scarf look by wrapping a scarf around your neck several times before looping the ends.

This versatile headlining can be tied in many different ways, reaching almost unlimited options. With so many headscarf options and so many different ways to tie them, there is really something for everyone. Ascarf pad is a full cap made from soft organic cotton plush fabric that can be worn under a scarf or hats. A scarf pad provides fullness and volume at the top of the head, giving the hair underneath illusion.

Then wrap this around your neck with the straps along the neck. If the scarf is long enough, duplicate the loop to create multiple layers and shorten it a bit. Wrap the scarf around your waist and tie the ends in a low double knot to the version of the flying vest. This would also work to add a wick to dark jeans or even a classic croquette.

A bulletproof vest version will keep you warmer this winter. It’s a super stylish way to tie a scarf and it’s perfect for those extra long scarves that you just don’t know how to design! Combine it with coordination gloves and you will stay nicely roasted. Scarves are an easy way to wear a regular outfit and go to the next level. We all know that we live in leggings and T-shirts at home.

Again, the next level is that classic look and it gives its own twist simply by adding a scarf. If you have a lot of scarves or like to wear scarves, but need a little help learning different ways to tie a scarf too, be prepared to be amazed at these options. Flair –Scarves can add a strong style element, especially when they introduce color in a soft outfit. It’s also a good rule of thumb to keep the rest of the outfit simple so you don’t compete with the scarf to get attention. Scarves can even be turned into vests, believe it or not!

Square scarves work well for this style of headband. To tie a scarf around your neck in a modern bow, cover the scarf slightly longer over your shoulders with one end than the other. Lower the longest end around your neck once and then adjust the loop so that the ends are about the same length. If you prefer to use a European loop, fold the scarf in half lengthwise and cover the folded end over one shoulder. Pull the unfolded end through the loop made by the fold, tighten the scarf and adjust it.