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And that’s why thieves find it very easy to get into many houses through their windows. I recently wrote an article on how to test your home, so I follow it with some burglary resistant window tips. There are many independent alarms you can buy to keep your windows protected. Window alarms are perfect for downstairs windows, door screen repair tigard oregon which are located near entrances or bedrooms; because they simply adhere to the glass without installation. The vibration of the glass raises the alarm that everyone should wake up at home and warn that someone is entering. These devices not only warn you of possible theft, but are also visible to criminals.

There are many different ways to keep windows alive safe from criminals. Don’t be fooled by the various common mistakes owners may encounter. According to the FBI, home robberies account for 71.6 percent of all theft crimes. Windows is a common access point for a criminal and is often unlocked or left open at speeds much higher than doors, especially in warmer climates. Check out our list of the top 10 ways an owner can protect their home windows from unauthorized access by thieves and other home invaders.

A home security system is only effective if it is actually armed and used. Make activating the system part of your routine when you leave your home and before bed. There are pin locks and various other styles of window locks that work with everything from a suspended double window to sliding windows. The Internet is ready for you; Watch one of the many video tutorials that guide you through the process. The more locks you have on your window, the more difficult it will be for a thief to separate.

A magnet and a switch are attached to the internal window and panel. As long as the window remains closed, you are in top shape. When the window opens, the circuit changes and sends a signal to the alarm control panel.

Keeping doors and windows closed is your first line of defense. Thieves hate sounds, so even a small alarm usually sends them in hard. You can add additional protection by adding a safety film to the window glass. The film is made of layers of polyester films joined together with an adhesive.

Secure your windows by installing additional locks and installing impact resistant glass on all windows within 42 ‘a door lock. This makes it harder to break the glass, reach and unlock the lock. Look for a lock slot that has received a Grade 1 rating from the American National Standards Institute . ANSI tests safety and durability locks and gives them a grade 1, 2, or 3, with grade 1 being the best. When it comes to avoiding an invasion of the house, prevention is better than cure. Always close your doors and windows at night and when you are not at home.

Don’t forget to always keep windows and doors closed when you’re not home. The most likely time for a robbery is when no one is home in the summer. An excellent way to improve both the safety of a house and its beauty is to surround the windows on the ground floor with different plants and shrubs. While they don’t interfere with owners’ ability to get fresh air and look out the window, plants can be beautiful and useful in keeping houses safe. By planting sharp, pointed flowers or bushes, such as cacti outside the home, you can dramatically reduce houses that attract a thief or home invader.

The truth is that thieves become more skilled and prefer to enter their home through their windows than through doors. Your windows have been connected to the alarm system, making it a smart approach. Every time a window opens, its alarm goes off and the thief runs away. Despite the various security measures that most homeowners have taken to protect their homes, most households generally have a large loophole and loopholes are windows. People don’t save a dollar to strengthen their entrances and front doors.