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Make sure the real estate agent you hire has the experience needed when it comes to buying an apartment. They can help you better understand what to look for when deciding on a particular condo development. This will help make the process easier and more manageable as they understand the process better. A condominium is a single unit located in a larger building, similar to an apartment-style building. As an apartment owner, you are investing in a shared interest in a community with a group of other owners.

With a resale apartment, the price may be higher, but the lead time is generally shorter and it is certainly not subject to the construction delays that affect new condo developments. In addition, an older unit can give you the ability to refresh and upgrade the drive, adding value. Repayment plans offered on completed buildings can have high interest rates, while private mortgages can always put your home at risk if you don’t track payments.

If I ever plan to buy an apartment, I would definitely keep this in mind. Getting insurance on an apartment is significantly less claydence than the typical cost of homeowners insurance. That usually only covers what is outside the outer walls of the condo unit.

A homeowners association controls and maintains the community and common areas. Funded by a monthly maintenance fee charged by residents living within the association. Because most apartment buildings are close to each other, the community association has rules and regulations. Because of this, many associations will have many different rules and regulations, to “keep the peace” in the community! It’s important to understand that unlike a single-family home, you can’t make your own rules and do whatever you want. In many cases, buyers don’t mind reviewing the association’s rules and having their lawyer review them on their behalf.

When calculating what your monthly housing costs will be, don’t forget to factor in hoa costs when you buy an apartment. While it’s an extra cost, they can sometimes save you money, Pollock says. I like his advice for discovering neighbors when buying an apartment. My aunt has been thinking about buying an apartment, I will definitely suggest that she find a real estate agent who can answer questions for her about the neighborhoods she is looking at. It is a good idea to check the cost of the condo association before planning a visit.

You can direct questions such as who handles residents’ requests and community rules to the property management company itself. Also, consider doing your own research on the company’s reputation: find out what other projects they manage and talk to board members to see if they’re happy with the company’s services. Condominium shared areas are usually managed by a condominium association.

You also have less privacy and you may have to deal with many tenants around you. Some tenants are great, but many can be noisy and not take care of the property as if it were their own home. Also, keep in mind that you probably don’t have an assigned parking space, and you may not have many outdoor storage options. These are additional costs that landlords have to pay when large projects need to be carried out. The HOA board votes on this, and many apartment buildings also have the voice of the owners.