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One of the most popular coffee-brewing methods is pour-over. A Gooseneck kettle with thermometer is a piece of coffee equipment that improves the precision and consistency of pour-over coffee brewing. Gooseneck kettles may appear difficult to use due to their unusual spout form, however the contrary is true. The spout was created with care to allow you maximum control over the speed and power of your pour.

The constant flow rate allows you to pour modest amounts of water onto a bed of coffee grounds, which is ideal for brew methods like the Chemex and other pour-overs. Gooseneck kettles are also a good alternative for tea enthusiasts.

If you enjoy high-quality speciality coffee and want to get the most out of your brew, a pour-over kettle is a must-have. The thermometer allows you to set the ideal water temperature (195-205°F) for extracting the most flavor from your coffee.

Kettle Types

• Stovetop – easy, stove-powered, and low-cost

• Electric – handy, outlet-powered, and somewhat more expensive

• Variable Temp – empowering, maintains a set temperature, and is the most costly.

What Should You Look For In A Gooseneck Kettle?

• Material And Design: Rust is the enemy here, so stay away from alternatives made of lesser metals. Those inexpensive unknown brand kettles you could get on Amazon at really low prices are prone to rapid wear and tear. AVOID.

• Capacity: Depending on your needs, however we usually recommend thinking about it.

• Comfort. Yes, Comfort: Keep in mind that you may be holding this kettle over your brewer for several minutes at a period.

• Flow Rate: Some gooseneck kettles pour more slowly than others, and some are more sensitive to little changes in temperature. Although it may take some time to become used to a pretty swift pourer, its usefulness is lost if it cannot pour evenly. Obviously, you want a gooseneck kettle that doesn’t pour too quickly, but consistency is more important than speed.

In conclusion, gooseneck kettles with thermometers are an essential item for coffee makers, as they are intended specifically for use with pour-over coffee!

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