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It’s also worth noting that a desktop PC can be repaired and upgraded much more easily, meaning it can cost you less in the long run. Not to mention all the other things you can use a powerful PC for, like video editing, programming, and more. When building a gaming PC platform, the AMD Zen 2 CPU on both next-gen consoles costs about $300 on its own, while the AMD RDNA 2-based GPU almost starts at $500. PC gaming has also been hit by chip shortages, so component prices are still very high, and that doesn’t include the price of Windows 11’s case, power, cooling, and licensing.

When you buy an Xbox, you’re locked into Microsoft’s closed ecosystem. But on PC, you can jump between Xbox Game Pass, Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, GOG, Ubisoft Connect,, various custom-made games like Valorant or League of Legends, and more. With so much competition, you’ll find great games with incredible discounts, or even given away by the various stores, especially Epic’s weekly gift. And while Microsoft deserves a lot of support for putting so much effort into pushing backward compatibility with Xbox, you can still play decades-old DOS games on your PC if you want. Prices, specifications, availability and conditions of offers are subject to change without notice. Price protection, price matching or price guarantees do not apply to intraday, daily or temporary promotions.

The PC won’t let you choose as long as you have powerful enough hardware. Digital Rights Management and older storefronts can also be a problem on PS5. Platforms like GOG offer DRM-free games, and the developers are also free to remove DRM on Steam.

When it comes to gaming, you’ll find even more variety on a PC than on any console. Free-to-play competitive MOBAs, countless battle royale shooters, MMORPGs, dark indies and brilliant Triple-A games call online game stores home. Better yet, there are no additional monthly fees for online gambling unless it’s a subscription-based what is the best gaming console 2022 game and sales are frequent. I have to admit that consoles have an advantage with some exclusives, but that gets weirder and weirder as time goes on. Even famous console franchises like Final Fantasy can now be found on Steam. Having a complete game library is a must to gain control of the gaming market.

Yes, but you’re probably building a computer that would take consoles out of the water. I mean, my old PC I bought 10 years ago is similar to the new consoles and the PC I built 2 years ago is now generation for consoles. Consoles actually keep the PC, when games are made for consoles and PC they should always think about the limitation of consoles. Consoles are limited to their respective online markets and therefore there is no competition there. Many digital games are sold at launch for the same price as physical copies of the game, and sales aren’t as numerous or generous on console as they are on PC.

Historically, this is the most prominent reason behind the inadequacy of Linux Gaming. Consoles have secured their market share over the years with exclusive releases. Similarly, PC Gaming also has a lucrative library of exclusive games.