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According to studies, there are more than 20,000 apartments for sale in Kolkata and about 12,000 of them are private apartments for sale. The reason for this is that the real estate prices in Kolkata have shown constant growth year after year and that is why buying apartments in Kolkata is an excellent investment opportunity. These apartments are available for resale and can be purchased for investment or maintenance.

Then it is time to wait for the seller to accept, reject or negotiate with you. This can be quick if you try to buy a shield, but in a seller’s market it can be put on hold a little longer while you wait for a response. The seller can accept or decline your offer or send you a counter offer, which will start a round of negotiations. If you have not already done so, start saving well before purchasing for your deposit (usually 20% of the purchase price).

This is because buying apartments in Kolkata is an excellent investment opportunity. Real estate prices are rising steadily year after year and are in high demand, especially in the newer areas of Salt Lake, New Town and EM Bypass. For these reasons, the real estate market in these areas is thriving and many resale floors are readily available in various configurations from 2 BHK to 5 BHK. The proportion of cash house buyers has fallen since 2014 because, ‘The money is now cheap with low interest rates, so some people who could buy cash choose to buy with a mortgage. Take the time to think about the things you absolutely need in your new home, as well as the things you want but can do without it . These priorities help you browse online for homes adapted for invoices.

Take the time to settle your finances before jumping into the world of online housing combing, visiting open houses and researching real estate agents. It will also help you get some financial prospects before you fall in love with that perfect colonial central hall or the park-view studio. Then work with your broker to negotiate a fair offer based on the value of similar homes in the same neighborhood. Once you and the seller have reached a price agreement, the house will go into custody, which is the time it takes to complete all remaining steps in the house purchase process.

Prepare to adjust your list while taking stock of what is there and how much house you can afford. Chances are, even before you officially start looking for startup, you’ve spent a little time browsing websites like, and Zillow to see the houses in that area. Remove parts of the city you have chosen that are not the style or size of the house you want at the price you can afford. Setting alerts on these sites based on your criteria can help automate some of the work. From there, find out which houses you want to take a closer look at.

Home inspections can help you learn about any issues that may prevent you from buying. Ask local friends, family and your broker for recommendations and ask those former customer inspectors for references. You can also find the inspector at your local Better Business Bureau. A prior approval letter is a written estimate of a lender of how much you can probably borrow from them.

If you understand the value of your credit when taking out a loan, you can better plan your monthly long-term expenses and reduce the pressure of unforeseen payments. Your EMI calculation is based on the method of reducing the balance versus a flat rate calculation method. Flats in Kolkata have been a good asset class to invest in the past ten years. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis on the house before taking money for this type of investment. Whether you are buying real estate for an investment or for a stay, the process of selecting and completing a suitable home is important. The joy of becoming an owner is invaluable, but this joy comes at a high price.

(The parties do not always have to be present at the official closure: DocuSign, as well as new distance notation laws that are gaining popularity through the pandemic, have increasingly digitized the process.). Buyers must bring a check to cover closing costs, including costs for searching for titles, attorney mori condo fees, transfer taxes, and owner insurance. When all documents are signed and all funds are properly distributed, the title deed is transferred to you. If you have not given up your right to this crucial step in an effort to get your offer accepted in a tight market, plan a home inspection as soon as possible.

A co-signatory’s income and credit score can improve his interest rates and give him a larger price range to work with. On the one hand, they are addicted if for some reason you cannot pay your mortgage payment. This can put them in a difficult financial situation if they are not prepared. They can also damage your application and lower your interest if your credit score is lower than yours. You want to buy a house that will improve its value over time, making you profit. If you are unsure whether a house is a good investment in your city, please contact a local broker for advice.

Of course you can sign with the first agent you find online, which can only take a day, but it is smart to take the time to find a broker. Do some research, ask potential brokers questions and view their specialties and customer feedback. Agents are a great asset that costs you nothing, so find one that you feel comfortable with. Trulia can help you connect with trusted Premier agents who know your area and will work hard for you. You can request to connect to a Premier agent in any properties list.