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The places where you can read are simply endless. Take the time to read together and enjoy the comics. Share your own youth favorites and let your child put his favorites in the fridge. Read them out loud and repetition is often a great way to develop reading skills.

You will be so involved in history that time will pass. I’m going to read 97 books this year, which far exceeded my expectations. Some of them are stories or graphic novels from Amazon, but none of them are audiobooks because I have so many podcasts I want to hear .

This is a great way to encourage you to read more books because it is fun and interactive. For example, Goodreads has an annual challenge reading that gamifies your reading goal. You can also discover new books to read by seeing what your friends have read. This very American activity is struggling to develop in France. However, starting a book club is a great idea.

Now if I quit podcasts and Netflix / Amazon-Prime, I would really see myself going to 200 bpy, but that would probably blow my head off. Frankly, I should ask anyone who asks me the old question, “How do you read so many books???!”I can’t give anyone a clear or definitive answer, because they are all different. I can’t answer the question either, because reading has been part of my daily life for as long as I can remember, so I can’t imagine my life without it. When you say, “Yes, I never feel like reading.”? People will also ask, “But how do you have time to read so many books??!”Again, I still don’t know what to tell you. I think one night I decided that staying up late to finish my book was more important than being mentally present or awake here, and I never stopped.

So if you read half an hour a day, you will go through a medium-sized book within a week. If you make reading a habit, you will realize how fast you can go through books, and that will inspire you to read more. Do you have a number of activities that get paid to read books make you feel good?? You can take examples of tea or nibble on some cupcakes. Do you like to sit on your veranda or on the beach?? You can perform these activities while reading your books to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible.