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The untamed natural park is home to wild boar, wolves, bats, grouse, otters, lynx, brown trout, foxes, woodpeckers, roe deer and falcons. The national park’s development authorities aim to reintroduce plant and animal species that were native to this country and atmosphere. The charming place offers the view of the most fantastic side of nature consisting of mountain ranges Oktoberfest and lakes to release wild species. The German Tourist Association irregularly publishes statistics on the most visited monuments. With an average of more than 6 million visitors entering Cologne Cathedral each year, the cathedral is the most visited monument in Germany. Second and third place will go to the Reichstag building in Berlin and the Hofbräuhaus in Munich.

Since the end of World War II, tourism has expanded tremendously, as many tourists visit Germany to experience a sense of European history and the diverse German landscape. At nearly 5,000 feet, it’s the highest mountain in the Black Forest and the highest in Germany outside the Alps! Feldberg is a great place for hiking, nature, skiing, relaxing and enjoying beautiful scenery and panoramic views all year round. It can be reached by car or public transport and makes for an easy day trip from Freiburg. Heidelberg Castle is located about 300 feet above the city of Heidelberg and dominates views of the Old Town.

The Neues Rathaus is located here, where you can see the daily glockenspiel clock or climb the clock tower for a view of Marienplatz. Within a short walk you will find its older counterpart Altes Rathaus, with its well-preserved medieval façade. This important waterway passes through many of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, including Bellevue Palace, Museum Island, and Berlin Cathedral. Enjoy a relaxing and informative tour on the water by booking this 2.5 boat trip here. Located near the Brandenburg Gate, it’s a great place for tourists to take the perfect photos of the iconic gate. The square was a bustling center before World War II, when the Berlin Wall was built in the middle of the square.

Potsdam is also a popular tourist destination in Germany, thanks to its many garden parks and the beauty that comes from its UNESCO heritage. The lush vegetation of parks and water ponds surrounded by beautiful parks are attractive and attract visitors to stay here. My first real adventure began as a six-month trip through Southeast Asia as a fresh backpacker and since then I have led a semi-nomadic existence, including visits to over 40 countries. I’m a lover of American road trips, deserted beaches in the warm glow of a sunset, Cuban mojitos, travel destinations away from tourist crowds and everything Scandinavian, from blackberry liqueurs to Nordic noirs.

Get a map of the Black Forest Scenic Route, a 70-kilometer drive that offers the best views of the region, along with top historical sites, including beautiful castles and numerous medieval towns and villages. Berlin was largely destroyed in World War II, so many parts of the city lack the historic buildings of other European capitals. An exception is the Gendarmenmarkt, a market square located between Under den Linden and Checkpoint Charlie. It’s perfect to sit on the terrace of a café and enjoy a cup of coffee for your next stop of the day. On the contrary, today the Gate is much more of an imposing symbol of unity and peace, not only for the German peoples but for the whole world.

In December, Rothenburg ob der Tauber hosts a world-famous Christmas market. Unsurprisingly, this contributes to it being one of the most visited cities in Europe; especially during the holidays. You may feel like you’ve entered the pages of your favorite children’s fairy tale when you visit the dreamy German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Located in the Franconian region of Bavaria, on the popular Romantic Road, the city is famous for its beautiful medieval architecture. Half-timbered houses line the cobblestone streets of the Old Town overlooking the Tauber River.

It’s a delight to explore on foot, with fun centered around the city’s large open square, Marienplatz. Here you can explore charming old architecture dating back to the Middle Ages, including the Old and New Town Hall. If you’re struggling to determine which benchmarks to add to your bucket list, this article will give you an overview of the most famous landmarks from each region of Germany. From majestic castles, world-class cultural events, historic sites to breathtaking landscapes, each region has something unique to offer. A country as vast and beautiful as Germany will undoubtedly be full of popular tourist attractions.

The city is located on the River Main and evidence of its past as an important commercial center is easy to spot, especially in the beautiful Old Town. The square is also home to historic buildings, including the Old Town Hall and some beautiful old churches. History and culture buffs will find plenty to enjoy about modern Nuremberg. A highlight of any visit is to take the time to walk around the five kilometers of city walls.

As visitors walk the cobblestone streets, they have the opportunity to see more than 1,000 half-timbered houses. Because the city suffered minimal damage during the World Wars, it is one of the few destinations in Germany that retains its picturesque and historic style. In addition to traditional residences, Quedlinburg is home to a German Romanesque cathedral known as the Dom and a variety of museums that explore local architecture, history, and art.