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That said, both have limited geographic coverage and particularly don’t connect to Miami Beach or South Beach. The Metrorail connects to the Metromover at several stations, but requires a fee of $2.25. It’s an affordable option to travel to the airport and the remote Coconut Grove neighborhood, but little else.

You can also explore top attractions such as Miami Beach Boardwalk and 41st Street. Known for its pristine beaches and extensive dining options, there’s plenty to discover in Brickell. You can visit top attractions like Brickell City Centre and Mary Brickell Village, and hop on the subway at Financial District Metromover Station or Brickell Metromover Station to see more of the city. Known for its beautiful beaches and popular shops, there is plenty to discover in downtown Miami. See top attractions like Bayside Marketplace and Brickell City Centre, and hop on the subway at First Street Metromover Station or Knight Center Metromover Station to see more of the city.

Miami is known for its Latin American influences and the beautiful white sand beaches in the Miami Beach area. Even with limited time for a Miami itinerary, you’ll experience many of the city’s most fascinating charms. Rent a car to explore Miami and Miami Beach if you can, as they are much more easily accessible if you have your own wheels.

The road that runs parallel to South Beach is known as the famous “Ocean Drive”. There are several restaurants and bars, as Ocean Drive is right next to the beach. The lovely waitresses are waiting for you with menus in their hands and sweeping you away with their great budget deals. They offer plenty of discount packages, but don’t eat at a restaurant on Ocean Drive if you’re on a budget trip or want to save money. In general, tourists can feel safe when visiting Miami Beach. However, theft is the biggest concern, as it occurs in many popular tourist spots, especially at night, mainly along Washington Avenue.

You can withdraw currency from ATMs with your local bank card or a designated travel card. If you are visiting from another country, be sure to check any fees and charges from your bank before using them and bring a second source of payment/cash in case your main card is “consumed” by an ATM. Those trying to diet on vacation are missing out on one of the best eateries in the United States.

The city also hosts several major gay events throughout the year, including white party and Miami Pride events. Ocean Drive has stunning Armani Casa Residences Miami views and some good restaurants seated. But they are very expensive and the rest of the food is more of a fast food quality.

When you go out at night, stick to the well-traveled roads and these are the things you need to know before visiting Miami. Miami’s public transportation system is the largest in Florida and includes buses, streetcars, Metromover and Metrorail. Both the Miami Trolley and Metromover are free to use and help you visit mainland parts of Miami such as Little Havana, Wynwood, and Brickell City Center.